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Japanese Lacquer Artist  Miyuki Shimodaira 



Traditional craft × artcraft × art

Unleash energy with the shine of Japanese lacquer

I was born between a father who is a Kanazashi craftsman and a mother who is a dressmaker.

After working as a general office worker, I wanted to do customer service, so I quit my job.

I sold accessories at a hotel for 6 years. The lacquer I am currently creating is something I used to sell as a salesperson.


A customer I met at that time squeezed the trigger for me to start my own path with Japanese lacquer. 


The energy art gives to people-.


Beauty that comes in from your eyes. Warmth you can feel on your skin. Sensations of being wrapped up with something you cannot see. The heart and mind feels comfort.




Japanese Lacquer is said to have existed since the Jomon Era, 9,000 years ago in Japan.

It's maintains color when excavated, which shows the power lacquer holds. Marie Antoinette is famous for being a collector of Japanese lacquer work. 


Nowadays, it is possible to express infinitely spreading beauty by combining pigments other than black and red lacquer.  Moreover, it is the only natural pigment in the world that is possible to patch up or re-sharpen when broken, and inherit for eternity.  It is my belief to complete my work without using any chemical paint . (Excluding the prevention of rashes from accessories that adheres to the skin.) 


Since lacquer has antibacterial effects, they were used as boxes for keeping away bowls in the past. Lacquer that is a unique traditional craft of Japan.  Turning the image from the past upside down,



I want people who are both looking at and using Japanese lacquer to feel more and more power of the strong, beautiful, energetic lacquer through art.  Furthermore, I want you to feel comfort, and smile, then make the person next to you smile, have everyone around smile, and finally everyone in the community, in Japan, in the world to be enveloped with smiles


When I create my work, I feel the infinite universe, and create with the inspiration I feel at that exact moment.





Eric Monsinjon


Eric Monsinjon






Odile Lefranc


Odile Lefranc(美術評論家/フランス文化通信省)





Denis Cornet

(Galerie Thuillierギャラリスト・評論家)

Denis Cornet





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